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Here are some helpful links:

Soy wax candle information - An excellent resource for the paraffin / soy comparison - Fragrance oils, essential oils for candle making along with bath & body products.  This is where I sell my soy candles!

Swans Candles & Candle making supplies - Your source for retail candles and candle making supplies and quality soy wax and candle wax. We stock both white (Natural filtered) beeswax and yellow (natural) beeswax. Swans Candles is a supplier of Calwax, which will soon be reviewed here!

EcoLight Candles - Hand-poured scented soy candles.  The Healthy Candle Choice!  Everything you need to make your home smell fresh and fragrant.

Moon Glow Candle Making Supplies - Wholesale Candle Making Supplies specializing in soy candle supplies, soy candle wax, soy lotion, soy soapmaking bases, candle fragrance, and candle making instructions. - They are the Original Soy wax Source.  They've dedicated 12 years to develop and improve the very best soy wax available in the world.  A major supplier of quality wax! - An excellent (recommended) online store for picking up your candle supplies.  High quality products & friendly service. - Some of you have asked about Gel Candles.  Here is a link to a Gel Candle e-book that should answer all questions.  It even has some cool projects.  Well worth the price they are asking!  Enjoy!

Soy Candles - Information about the benefits of soy candles with instructions on making your own soy candles.

Wholesale Fragrance Oils, Incense Oils, Candle Oils, Body Oils, Incense Supplies:
Over 450 bulk wholesale fragrance oils, candlemaking oils, soapmaking oils, body oils, burning oils, incense supplies, essential oils, scented incense, perfume bottles, vials, lotions, multibase, salts.

Soy candles - Information about the benefits of soy candles and instructions to make your own soy candles.

Kell's Kandles - The ultimate online source for scented soy candles and candle accessories

Illinois Soybean Association - Soy candle information as well as other uses of soy


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