Soy Wax Candle types:

There are quite a few candle types available to make, but I will only touch on a few. The most common are molded, pillar, and container candles. Let’s look at each candle type in detail!

The molded candles are those in which the wax cools in a mold of some sort to give the candle it’s shape. Molded candles are usually small in shape and can be molded from candle molds, or anything else that can hold wax and survive the temperature of the melted wax. One thing I enjoy is using candy molds to make tarts! Oh,.. in case you don’t know, tarts are usually smaller molded candles (some may be bigger than votives) that can be used in a tart melter. The tart melter may be electric of heated with a tea light candle. The heat melts the wax, and releases the fragrance.

Pillar candles are generally molded candles, but the tend to be in a class by themselves (as far as I am concerned). When crafting pillar candles, special attention must be made to the wick size. If you have an undersized wick, the candle may tunnel, and with an oversized wick, the sides melt and you have a mess! Did I mention that soy wax cleans up with soap and water? 🙂 Pillar candles may range from 3 inches high to over a foot high with several wicks. They may be round, square, octagonal, or any other shape you can imagine. In order to make pillar candles, you will need a pillar mold. I have made some homemade pillar molds from PVC piping. I have also bought some molds that are square and hexagonal shape. You will need a pillar blend wax in order to acquire the hardness necessary to make a quality pillar.

Container candles are the way to go for beginners. No special molds are needed. You can make a quality container candle in something as simple as a mason jar! They can be quite small (smaller than a votive) or pretty large. I have seen container candles that hold upwards of 64 ounces!! With a container candle you simply set the wick, prepare the wax, pour, then cool. The putting it all together will give you detailed instructions on making your first container soy wax candle. If the interest is there, I will add more instructions on the other types of candles in the future.