Soy Wax Candle Making Overview:

Making your own candles can be a very satisfying hobby. They can be used for gifts or put around the house to warm the atmosphere. With the dangers of burning paraffin wax, quite a few companies have switched to producing soy wax candles. Many consumers who are aware of the concerns of paraffin wax, are also switching to soy wax candles.

The benefits of soy wax over paraffin are more than I care to list here. For more information, please visit This site is dedicated to the difference between soy wax and paraffin.

When I started this hobby, I was amazed. I, like most people, started making candles out of paraffin. I bought a box of wax (which is still in the basement), and some wicks. I figured I would start by making a few unscented white votive candles. After almost stabbing myself trying to break off chunks of wax, I decided I should find a wax that was in a form that was easier to handle and measure!!

That is when I found soy wax. Although some forms of soy wax are in the “block”, most is distributed in flake form. When I read that it burns up to 30% longer, I wanted to give it a try!

I began with a 50lb box of soy wax. I usually look at ways to save money, so I figured I would eventually use it up, and I was right. I have probably gone through 5 boxes of wax so far in my hobby and have learned quite a bit about handling soy wax. As surprised as I was, THIS IS EASY! Soy wax is much easier (in my opinion) to handle and make candles out of the paraffin.

I hope I can inspire you to make your own candles, as I am positive just about anyone can do it, and have fun while the do it!!

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