Soy wax candle containers and molds:

Many molds are available to the candle maker. One website boasting over 300 different pillar molds!! With so many choices, it may be hard to decide. My suggestion is to start simple. You don’t need to purchase 5 different candle molds to begin with. If you are wanting to make votives, then purchase a few votive cups, but test the hobby before you jump in feet first!!

The containers available today are unless. if you are looking for a country look, try a mason jar. If you are looking for something more modern, try going to your local craft superstore and browsing their selection of glass. When purchasing glass to use for container candles, be sure to get a thick glass that can handle some heat!

You may also purchase containers online for your candles. Beware of the shipping costs, they can get quite expensive. Another place to look is a local bee supply store. Generally they sell jars for packaging honey that work well as a container candle.

Generally the first place to look is your kitchen. Most of us have a jar of some sort that we can turn into a candle!!