Soy Wax additives and Wax Dye:

There are different types of additives and dyes you may use with soy wax. For our first candle we will not use these, but I am going to touch on the subject for future reference.

Some of the additives that are used in paraffin may also be used in soy wax. I don’t think this is common knowledge, I just happened to give it a shot one day and I was able to make pillar candles out of container soy wax by adding a Vybar additive to the soy wax. By adding this to the soy wax, I in turn raised to melting point temperature and made the soy wax harder. Pillar wax has a higher melting point than container wax.

Dyes come in a few different forms. I have seen dye blocks which are chunks of highly colored wax. To color your candle wax, you basically break off some of the colored wax and add it to your melted wax. One major problem I see with this type of dye is it’s inaccuracy.

Another form of dye available are dye chips. These are little pieces of dye which are about the size of a large pill. They can be added/dissolved into your melted wax. These chips are quite a bit more accurate, however I don’t think they are cost effective.

The last form of dye that I will discuss here is that in liquid form. These are highly concentrated liquid dyes. These are so concentrated that 4-5 drops will color a pound of melted wax. With a 4 ounce bottle costing around $8, you can’t go wrong since 1 ounce equals about 960 drops. That is a LOT of colored wax!