Soy candle wax & soy candle fragrance:

The wax and fragrance will be the heart of your candle. Did you know soy wax can be melted in the microwave? That sure makes things easy for the home crafter. If you are making a container that is 16 ounces (mason jar), then you melt only the wax you need, and since the soy wax cleans up with soap and water, you are safe putting your utensils in the dishwasher.

There are a ton of places to buy candle supplies. I will touch on a few here to get your started. KY candle wax supply is where I get my wax. Their wax has always been the same. It is a high quality flake wax that is easy to measure and is a reasonable price. You can find their link on our Links page!

There are also a ton of places to purchase your fragrances, and with literally hundreds of different fragrances, it may be intimidating trying to decide which to purchase and where to purchase them from. I have used Wellington Fragrances and Save on Scents to purchase my fragrances. Try to avoid places that sell their fragrance by weight as opposed to volume. 16 fluid ounces of fragrance oil is a bit more than 16 weight ounces of oil.

Also make sure that your fragrance oil is compatible with soy wax. All of the fragrances from the above mentioned manufacturers is soy safe, and can be used in other applications as well. Generally speaking 1 fl ounce of fragrance oil will scent 16 ounces of melted wax.

Also beware that some of the cheaper fragrance oil retailers will cut their oil. This means they take a full strength fragrance oil, and add unscented oil to it. This allows them to sell the same amount of oil cheaper. This will not do your candles well, as soy can not absorb a large amount of fragrance oil (over 2 ounces per 16oz. of wax).

Simply stated, start with a good quality wax, and a strong fragrance oil, and you will have the beginning of an excellent quality candle.

Pillar / Taper Wax Review
The fine folks at Swan’s Candles ( recently sent us some pillar/taper wax to try out. We always like free stuff, so we were more than happy to give the wax a try and agreed to post our thoughts out here for all to see!

The wax we used is known as pb-3 and can be used for pillars, tapers, and votives. I used the wax for making taper candles. The wax melted well in the microwave. Although it didn’t come in flake form, the block of wax was manageable. Using a kitchen knife, I was able to break chunks of wax off the big block without any trouble.

I wanted to make tapers from this wax for a few reasons. I wanted to test how much the wax shrinks and how easy it is to release from the mold. The wax does shrink a bit, but that is average with the other taper/pillar natural waxes that I have used in the past. The nice thing about this wax is it’s ability to release from the metal molds I use without any problems.

Next it was time to test burn. This is where I really got impressed. The burn was even, smooth, and clean.

Bottom line… an excellent taper / pillar wax that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in making their own tapers or pillars