Making Soy Floative Candles

Making soy floatives is a pretty simple process. It is especially simple if you have already made and mastered making soy tarts!

Basically a soy floative is a soy tart with a wick. You basically follow the same instructions to make a soy tart, only after you pour your soy wax, insert a wick and allow the soy candle to set up. Once it is set, you may use a freezer or similar method to release the soy candle from the mold.

Generally speaking soy wax will float. I am not sure of the exact density, but I believe it is a little less dense than water.

Try your tart molds (if you have some) and make a floative. While the candle burns, it will raise a bit in the water, kind of like a boat effect. Also notice while your floative burns, it doesn’t leak. This is because the cool water surrounding the soy candle is keeping the wax cool and preventing it from melting. Sorry … some simple things are worth mentioning. 😉

There are a variety of tart and floative molds. Ranging from the simple to the elegant. I suggest starting with something simple, then stepping up. My basic soy floative is still the best seller even after trying to market more elegant and expensive soy tarts and floatives!