Making Oil for Oil Burners

Making oil for oil burners is also a simple thing to do! This is an excellent alternative or addition to your candle making and will throw fragrance throughout a home or room like many commercial products.

Oils burners come in various shapes and sizes. Like many of the products you will learn to make here, oil used in oil burners has huge potential for repeat customers. If you make a quality product, that customer will be back to order more!

I don’t think I have come across anything as simple to make as the oil used in oil burners. Basically the recipe is half DPG and half fragrance oil shaken well. DPG aka Di-Propylene Glycol is found online quite inexpensively. About the cheapest place I have found is at

So to make 4 ounces of oil for oil burners, use 2 ounces of fragrance oil along with 2 ounces of DPG. You can adjust the amount of each to come up with your own ratio, but this should be a good starting point.

Don’t fret about ordering a large amount of DPG… it can also be used in making incense and other body oils.

Good luck with your homemade burning oil!