Making Lotion

Making lotion can be a simple process… it can also be somewhat complicated. If you decide you want to make your lotion from scratch, these are not the instructions for you. Formulating your own lotion formula and making a consistent product on a small scale can be very challenging!

With that in mind, I will tell you to start with a good lotion base for making your fragranced lotion. With a good base, you will be able to add additional ingredients to come up with a final product that will amaze most people!

Generally I purchase my products from three places,…,, and With regards to my lotion making, I have found a lotion base that is incredible, and very reasonably priced. Visit and check out their selection. They also sell other bath/body products that may interest you (the shower gel turned out runny for me so beware).

The sell a premixed lotion base as well as a kit with the necessary ingredients to make 4-5 gallons at a time. If you go the lotion kit route, make sure to use up the lotion or package it within a month or two as it may develop mold if it is kept in the supplied bucket for an extended period of time.

After initially using the lotion kit, I opted to purchase the premixed gallon jugs for making my lotion as it is easier to work with. Don’t forget the gallon pump to get your lotion out of the jug and into your bottle.

If you choose to make small batches of differently fragranced lotions from your gallon jugs, you can easily use a plastic zip lock bag to mix your lotion in. Then simply cut a small corner of the bag… this will allow you to squeeze the mixture into your bottles.

As far as fragrance oils in this lotion base goes,… I have typically used 1/4 ounce of cosmetic grade fragrance oil to 16 ounces of lotion base. If you choose to color your home made lotion, use liquid dye and start by adding 1 drop of dye per 16 ounces of lotion base. This should keep your customers from turning colors when using your product! I have opted to not color the lotion we sell at for that exact reason.

You may decide to use essential oils in your lotion. These oils are exceptionally strong and you will need to reduce the amount of essential oil you use in your batch of home made lotion. Some essential oils provide healing properties as well as mood soothing properties that are not found in manufactured fragrance oils. Before using essential oils in your lotion, please read up on the properties as some oils may burn or cause a rash on skin!

After you have your lotion base and fragrance oil mixed up, feel free to add additional ingredients to your lotion to personalize it. Some of these ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, glitter, pearlizer, and many others. Experiment with your lotion and perfect it!

As always, if you have any questions regarding these instructions, feel free to email me. I am always more than happy to help! Good luck with your home made lotion!